Rum & Reggae's Rio de Janeiro

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Rum & Reggae's Rio de Janeiro
By Jonathan Runge & Sam Logan
Paperback, 288 pages
Publication Date: September 2008

Since the first edition of Rum & Reggae's Caribbean was published in 1988, all of our guides have developed an avid following. Rum & Reggae's newest release - Rum & Reggae's Rio de Janeiro - is a collaboration of Jonathan Runge and Sam Logan's combined 25 years of travel writing experience. This guide is a complete revision and major expansion of the Rio de Janeiro chapter found in Rum & Reggae's Brazil. Thus, it covers many more areas along Rio State's coast as well as its interior. Rio can be a confusing place for tourism, but this book will help the traveler easily navigate through Rio's city streets, beachside destinations, and mountain retreats. With opinionated and honest advice that's presented in an entertaining and personal tone, Rum & Reggae leads travelers not just to the most popular spots, but to the best spots (whether they are on or off the beaten path). Meanwhile, Rum & Reggae's Rio de Janeiro has maintained the creative flair found in features such as Rum & Reggae's Touristo Scale, the Superlatives section, and the stylish illustrations of Disney's Eric Orner.

Rum & Reggae's Rio de Janeiro will help you find and experience all the best of this land of samba and soccer. Beyond the complete information on hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, beaches, and activities, we'll tell you everything that's great (and, of course, what's not) about this unique and energetic destination. You'll learn the inside scoop on all of Rio's nightlife (both gay and straight) - from the chic neighborhoods of Leblon and Ipanema, to the thumping beat of the up-and-coming Lapa district. We'll also detail the tourist sites of Corcovado and Sugarloaf (among others), and the mountains of Petrópolis, Teresópolis, and Itatiaia, as well as the posh beach resort of Búzios, and the colonial town of Paraty. This guide will let you in on the secrets that many other guides will not. For example, all guidebooks will tell you how beautiful Búzios is, but only Rum & Reggae will let you know about the cops that create blockades along the route to Búzios supposedly in search of drugs (when they are really looking for bribe money from unsuspecting tourists). So if you're in search of the real Brazilian experience, Rum & Reggae's Rio de Janeiro is the trusted friend and indispensable guide you'll need.

“Honest opinions delivered straight from the hip and the heart…. A refreshing antidote to travel writing blandness” – Chicago Tribune

“An irreverent and highly personal guide with an emphasis on places to stay and places to party…” – Travel & Leisure

“Clearly, this book is not for the porch crowd.” – The New York Times

About the Author

JONATHAN RUNGE is the author of 18 travel books: Rum & Reggae's Puerto Rico (2007), Rum & Reggae's Caribbean (2006), Rum & Reggae's Costa Rica (2006); Rum & Reggae's Brazil (2005); Rum & Reggae's French Caribbean (2005); Rum & Reggae's Grenadines, Including St. Vincent and Grenada (2003); Rum & Reggae's Virgin Islands (2003); Rum & Reggae's Caribbean (2002); Rum & Reggae's Jamaica (2002); Rum & Reggae's Puerto Rico (2002); Rum & Reggae's Dominican Republic (2002); Rum & Reggae's Cuba (2002); Rum & Reggae's Hawai'i (2001); Rum & Reggae's Caribbean 2000 (2000); Rum & Reggae: The Insider's Guide to the Caribbean (Villard Books, 1993); Hot on Hawai'i: The Definitive Guide to the Aloha State (St. Martin's Press, 1989); Rum & Reggae: What's Hot and What's Not in the Caribbean (St. Martin's Press, 1988); and Ski Party!: The Skier's Guide to the Good Life, co-authored with Steve Deschenes (St. Martin's Press, 1985). Jonathan has also written for Men's Journal, Outside, National Geographic Traveler, Out, Skiing, Boston, and other magazines.

SAM LOGAN is a native of New Orleans and now lives in Rio de Janeiro, so he knows a good party when he sees one. Sam has lived in Rio de Janeiro for eight years and has married a Brazilian—now he can’t move away even if he wants to. His freelance work for Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, Maxim, Playboy Brazil, and Time Out guides has taken him to just about every forest, slum, city, and beach in Latin America. “Mr. Everything,” as we like to call him, has done it all, from founding a marketing consulting firm in Chile to exporting organic apples from Argentina and working for Outward Bound and leading white-water kayaking tours in Costa Rica. In addition to working as an investigative reporter for a number of news publications, Sam is the author of the highly acclaimed This is For the Mara Salvatrucha, a book that profiles the MS-13, America's most violent gang (Hyperion Books, 2009). Whenever he gets the chance, Sam finds time to surf, samba, tango, play guitar, hurtle off raging waterfalls, or sit on the beach doing nothing. He has an M.A. in International Policy Studies. Best of all, he can mix a mean caipirinha.